As enterprise leadership looks beyond COVID-19, it is time to evaluate new revenue architectures. We provide value to larger corporations in the role of Strategic Advisor. In these engagements we facilitate enterprise initiatives to reimagine and reinvent current business models from ideation to commercialization. The scope of effort ranges from corralling stakeholder ideas to setting up and managing brainstorming sessions and finally helping stakeholders shape a future vision. Once sponsorship is secured, we use delivery orchestration methodologies that have been refined and matured over the years to underpin and drive the effort to successfully realize the vision.

Reinventing Business Around a Digital Core:
Top of mind of every forward-looking C-Suite

According to NTT 2019 Digital Means Business Benchmarking Report – only 12% of organizations are highly satisfied that planning is flowing effectively through to execution. In addition, only 29% of those polled reported collaborative efforts between departments in place to support digital transformation initiatives.


There are a variety of explanations for this situation, but one thing is certain – traditional program management is obsolete.

Digital Value Creation advocates an approach that is distilled from lessons learned by successful startups.

Create, upgrade or rebuild an operating platform around a digital core and a dynamically flexible resourcing model

We leverage a custom Capability Reference Model to drive Dynamic Staffing that yields high efficiency at the best possible cost plus the agility to rapidly scale and pivot as needed from build to launch.

Traditional program management is obsolete

Large enterprises need a new approach

They use the Chief Technology Officer-as-a-Service model to drive the build out of new digital centric capabilities that are demanded by future focused revenue cycle leadership.

Speed, agility and cost effectiveness are the essence of Digital Value Creation’s Lean Startup Innovation Methodology,  and custom designed Capability Reference Models.

A mature practical alternative to traditional program management.

Digital reinvention of a new or existing business is an imperative – and accomplishing it requires specialized expertise to avoid strategic errors and implementation missteps.

We work with leadership and investors to swiftly craft digital centric business strategies that will serve immediate and long-term objectives.

A team of former CTO’s, COO’s and CFO’s

Working with management and stakeholders to design a digital centric business operations platform

Leverage cloud systems, dynamic staffing models and fresh thinking to achieve operational agility

Hands-on, pragmatic approach to implementation by building off stages of success

Highly affordable, incentive-based fee structure

Ideal APPROACH for  –

  • Venture-backed start-ups and growth-stage companies
  • Under-performing Private Equity portfolio companies
  • Large enterprise exploring new business models
  • Underperforming program that needs to be reinvigorated

Traditional approaches do not work in the race to reinvent business models that support innovative new products and services

With no cost or obligation a one-hour initial meeting with you and your team to understand your immediate and long-term mission and the current state of your programs and initiatives to reinvent your business and revenue cycle.

The outcome of this meeting will shape next steps.

Contact us via the chat or the contact form and we’ll get back to you in short order.

DVC’s part-time CTO quickly and cost effectively mobilizes and orchestrates the reinvention initiative for and on behalf of the sponsors from within enterprise leadership