Digital Value

The new global economic order is evolving around a digital paradigm. In this world, new value is being created, distributed and delivered – powered by a raft of digital technologies and services – Digital Value. This is the digital economy in which no incumbent enterprise, however large, can assume that their role in the market is secure.
This evolution presents unique opportunities, like never previously, for $50M or less businesses and organizations to carve out a share of market and even challenge established players at speed and scale without astronomical investments. The right approach is innovation.

Our take on innovation

Why innovation?

Driven by digitization and global megatrends every single existing and successful business model, product or service is under threat.

Businesses need to continually reinvent.

There is no magic bullet.

Innovation is the only practical approach to business reinvention.

How to innovate?

By bringing together stakeholders and leaders to systematically review ideas, opportunities and priorities.

By systematically distilling ideas and strategies into an action plan.

By implementing the plan rapidly and getting innovation into the market so that it can be swiftly validated and improved or pivoted.

What innovation?

Focus on greatest customer value

Adopt – A simple but effective methodology

Ensure speed and agility while controlling costs

Leverage latest technologies to ensure rapid time to value

Focus on measuring, learning and improving the innovation

Business Reinvention through digitization of:

  • Revenue operations: new marketing and distribution models
  • Products and services: new offerings and value models
  • Ecosystems: new B2B models – supply chains, value sharing
  • Business processes: optimized with mobile and IoT devices


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