Established $50M or less businesses as well as not-for-profits, NGOs and startups need an effective and pragmatic navigator on their journey into the digital economy


The new digital economy is causing many frustrations and confusion for small, mid-size and not-for-profit organizations.  Every day, they struggle to find the best way to leverage technology to serve their business, stay focused on their vision and mission and achieve their true north.

We are here to be their navigator through a new and ever-evolving digital economy.


Leveraging a balanced combination of strategies, methods, technologies and services, we rapidly implement digital-centric, business reinvention plans.

As digital technology evolves from supporting the enterprise to becoming the basis for economic value creation, delivery and management, the characterization “Digital Enterprise” distinguishes traditional businesses from those that are being formed or those that are reinventing to operate and compete in the evolving digital economy.


Providing the functions of a Chief Technology Officer as-a-Service (CTOaaS). Thus, enabling small, mid-size and not-for-profit organizations to get the full benefits, and value of this increasingly critical leadership role at a fraction of the cost of a full-time equivalent.  Here are some examples

  • Designing Digital Enterprise Operating Models;
  • Leading implementation of a new digital operating model;
  • Directing the Digital Enterprise Operating Model;
  • Stepping in to improve current Digital Capability;
  • Directing routine Digital Technology Operations to ensure business goals are fully served at all times.

For decades, most small, midsize and not-for-profit organizations have been using computer systems with varying degrees of success.

To support and operate these systems they have most often made-do with a patchwork of skills provided by a variety of practitioners through formal and semi-formal engagements.

While this arrangement may have worked so far, it is not sustainable in the digital economy. There are just too many dimensions to address and too much at risk.

Size of the organization does not matter.  In the highly interconnected digital economy every participant needs to operate with the same degree of sophistication.

When a full-time role is not practical then CTO-as-a-Service makes sense.

Who needs CTO-as-a-Service?

All target business executives know that the role of technology has evolved from supporting their business model to becoming the critical core resource which drives their business model’s success.

Making the right selection and managing the journey from obsolete supporting technology to new core technology needs the expertise and navigation skills of an experienced and effective Chief Technology Officer. Anything less may raise the risk of failure.

Startups: Just like mature organizations, an entrepreneur planning to launch a new service in the digital economy also needs a capable and effective Chief Technology Officer to drive a funded startup idea through the complexities of building and rolling-out an MVP. We are your Chief Technology Officer – providing value as-a-service on demand and in the manner tailored to fit the need.

Why is CTO-as-a-Service a need?

Business and operating models are changing – is your digital strategy in line with how your organization needs to operate in the new economy?

Value is recognized in the digital economy in a very different way – so just upgrading systems to newer versions will not serve the need to:

  • Roll out a new service or product
  • Scale and grow in the new digital economy
  • Achieve better accountability
  • Manage new operating risks and threats
  • Be compliant with the ever-changing regulatory landscape

This level of change needs a well-conceived, systematic application of a new approach, born in the world of new digital services and capabilities.

It requires expertise that understands the world of new digital services and capabilities and knows how to optimally apply it as a business solution.  It needs experience that can navigate the complex journey of digital transformation while maintaining current operations without disruption.

What are CTO services?

Digital Value Creation provides our clients with a whole new approach that is born in the world of new digital services and capabilities. Services that are fully aligned with the vision and mission of business owners, CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, COOs and Board Members as they look to chart their way forward.

Once the organization’s digital-centric business model is defined we leverage our expertise and knowledge of new digital services and capabilities to develop a matching transformation plan that is bold yet practical, progressively delivering value with agility and providing the opportunity to pivot should the need arise.

Our decades of experience in business-based technology transformation at Fortune100 companies is focused on how to navigate the complex issues related to organizational change management, rolling out new processes, and operationalizing new technologies.

We live in the world of digital value creation. We serve established enterprises and organizations and startups.

The CTO-as-a-Service Advantage

A Chief Technology Officer wears many “Hats” ranging from knowing technology advances to understanding business models and how technology will help drive the business strategy forward.

The technology demands of a $50M or under organization can be as complex and sophisticated as those placed on a Fortune 100 company – yet It is often not financially practical to hire a full-time CTO with skills that can respond to those demands.  That is why owners often find themselves making a compromise choice.

Business and technology needs themselves are constantly evolving. The skills needed initially to shape a transformation plan are different from the skills needed to implement the plan.  And they are different than the skills needed to operate the transformed enterprise in the digital economy.

CTO-as-a-Service provides the organization the right skills, knowledge, and access to short-term resources to meet its digital economy demands – when and how they are needed.  Frequently at lower cost. As a member of the organization’s leadership team, the person we staff as CTO will play a strategic role in fulfilling its vision and mission.